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Take A Taxi With No Wheels; Places You Can Take A Water Taxi

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Taking a taxi by road is one thing, but have you tried traveling by water taxi? Water taxis are a viable, affordable, and exciting way to get from point A to point B. If you take a water taxi, you are much more likely to see sites that you will enjoy and remember. Following is information about water taxis, and a description of popular vacation cities that offer water taxi services. 

What is a Water Taxi?

A water taxi operates similarly to a road taxi. You can take a water taxi, which is a ferry or boat like vehicle that transports you across a body of water to your destination. Often times, you can see sites and monuments along the way, and sometimes hear about the history and attractions from a tour guide.

When you take a water taxi, it usually operates on demand, meaning it will stop when you want to get off the boat at a particular harbor or dock.

If you happen to live in a city that offers water taxi travel, you can commute every day by water taxi, not having to worry about traffic on the streets. It could be a fun way to get to work each day, while you relax and sip a latte and observe the city view from the water. It will allow you to save money on gas and parking, too.

There are also water buses that carry many passengers and stop on a schedule. These are more likely to be tour boats with tour guides. These types of transporters you will most likely buy a ticket for in advance, like when you take a metro bus or train in a big city. The tickets are usually reasonably priced and can be purchased at booths on the harbor, or you can purchase tickets on line in advance, on the taxi company's web site.

Where Can I take a  Water Taxi?

  • Washington DC. Take a tour of the Potomac river from the dock at Alexandria, Virginia all the way to the National Harbor in DC. 
  • Boston, Massachusetts. You can take a water taxi from Logan airport to downtown Boston in seven minutes flat, enjoying the scenery all the way.
  • New York City. See the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn bridge, and the city skyline all from a boat.
  • Chicago. Travel the Chicago river and Lake Michigan by water taxi. See the Magnificent Mile and more.
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • Seattle, Washington.

There are water taxis available at many large theme parks, as well, and in many cities throughout the U.S. and world that are not mentioned above. Next time you vacation in one of these cities, catch a cab on the water and float your way to your destination. To learn more about taxi services, visit http://www.yellowcabaz.com