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Tips For Choosing Tablets For Children

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Tablets are becoming the go-to device for many young children. This, in part, is because a single device can replace educational games, video game consoles, the television, and even books – all in a single portable package. When picking out a tablet for your child, keep the following things in mind.

Tip #1: Consider a dedicated device

Instead of sharing a tablet with your child, consider purchasing them their own device. This ensures that they won't have access to any of your information, such as your social media accounts or email. If you must share a device with your child, make sure the operating system provides an option for setting up multiple user accounts so you can keep your information separated from your child.

Tip #2: Sometimes smaller is better

A large, heavier tablet may offer more screen space, but it can also be more awkward for a child to hold and balance. This can increase the chances of it being dropped and damaged. Smaller screens, such as a 7-inch screen, aren't as limiting to a child as they can be to an adult since children have smaller fingers to manipulate the screen.

Tip #3: Look for kid-friendly models

More and more manufacturers are creating models of tablets specifically for kids. These generally offer more shock resistance and sturdier screens that are harder to scratch. They also often come with a built-in case, with handles, that makes it easier for a child to hold onto the tablet without dropping it. A kid-specific tablet may also have more included safety features, such as built-in parental controls.

Tip #4: Weigh your OS options

The OS, or operating system, can be a major limiting factor. Apple's iOS, along with Android's and Window's, all offer a combination of free and paid app choices aimed at children. Before choosing which OS to go with, check for the types of apps you are most likely to use. You may find more offerings on one OS versus another. 

Tip #5: Shop around for extras

Finally, consider what extras are important to you. Do you want the ability to add a USB port, perhaps for a set of child-friendly headphones, an external speaker, or a joystick? Maybe Bluetooth capability is important so your child can group game with friends or siblings. Consider all the extras that your child may need now or within the next year or two so you can choose a tablet that will work for them for as long as possible.

If you're having trouble finding the perfect tablet for your child in your local stores, you can often buy electronics online, including accessory packs, that will meet your needs.