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A Guide To Wooden Window Awnings

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Some people think of fabric when they of window awnings. These awnings, which are so popular on commercial and retail businesses, obviously don't look great on most residential properties. Honestly, a fabric awning will look a little tacky on most homes. However, a wooden awning will look much more stylish and match your home better. This article explains the perks of awnings over your windows and what styles work best.

Choosing the Right Style

A simple window awning will give your windows some shade and help make them a little more energy efficient. However, the awning will drastically change the look of the the windows around your home. Most wooden awning will need to be mounted to your walls with metal brackets. However, these brackets are mostly hidden, so the wooden components are what you really see. You will probably want your windows to be a different color than your exterior sidewalls. You can also have them stained the same color as your window frames and casement. Many people will also choose to install awnings over their door frames. However, if you already have a lot of windows on your home, adding awnings to your doors as well might be overkill.

You also need to closely consider the size and style of your awnings. Some awnings are purely decorative and they will do little to block the sun or rainfall from hitting your windows. If you are going to spend this money to add awnings to your windows, you should at least make sure they are functional. Choose a product with a solid top that divert rain from hitting your windows. Also, sloped awnings are always easier to maintain, especially if you live in a snowy environment.

Choosing the Right Wood

Wooden awnings are usually made out of lumber or hardwoods. Most likely, you will want a wood that matches your window fixtures. Most window casements are made out of hardwood. A rough hewn lumber really only looks good on a home that has similarly rough wooden sidewalls. Hardwoods are a little more complicated to stain and refinish over the years. However, they generally last longer when they are properly stained and sealed on a regular basis.

Adding wooden window awnings is a fun way to change the style of your exterior sidewalls. It also has the added perk of protecting your window fixtures and making your home a bit more energy efficient.