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A Few Tips For Those Using A Rental Air Compressor For The First Time

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An air compressor can be an essential device for many projects, but if you have only recently encountered a situation where you need one of these devices, you can avoid having to buy one by using a local rental provider. However, it can be easy to make some simple mistakes with these devices that can lead to problems while you are using them, but using these tips will help you to keep your air compressor rentals free of some routine issues.

Ensure The Compressor Has Ample Ventilation

These devices can pull in a large amount of air, and if there is not enough space, the unit may struggle to get enough air or it may suck in a piece of debris that can jam it. As a result, you should make sure to give it ample space on each side. The exact amount of space can vary based on the strength of the unit, but the unit's user's guide may provide you with this information.

In addition to giving the compressor ample space, you will also want to quickly wipe down any exterior vents. Dust and dirt can gather on these vents, which can also cause the system to struggle to get enough air. To remove this dust, you can simply wipe the exterior with a damp cloth before you use it.

Keep The Compressor Drained

Over the course of being used, an air compressor's primary tank can start to fill with condensation. This occurs because the compressed air will not be able to hold as much moisture, which will cause condensation to form. If you do not drain this tank, you may find that the system struggles to provide you with pressurized air. Fortunately, draining this tank will often simply require you to release a valve on its underside as this will allow the water in the tank to quickly drain away.

Properly Store The Compressor

When you are not using the air compressor, you will want to make sure that you are storing it correctly. If you make the mistake of leaving this device outside, you may find that it can quickly develop performance-compromising corrosion. In addition to causing disruptive performance issues, you may be liable for the costs of repairing the corroded compressor.

You can minimize the risk of this problem by making sure to always bring the unit inside. Also, the rental company will likely provide you with a case for the compressor, and you should make it a point to keep the compressor in the case whenever it is not being used. In addition to keeping dust from accumulating on the compressor, these cases are often designed with humidity control measures that can further reduce the risk of the compressor suffering this serious damage.