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Three Reasons To Hire An Estate Liquidation Service

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Whether you are dealing with the liquidation of your own estate in an attempt to downsize your belongings, or you are faced with the task of liquidating the estate of a deceased friend or family member, you have two basic options. You can handle all aspects of the liquidation yourself, or you can hire a professional estate liquidation service to come in and help you. For many individuals, the estate liquidation service is the best choice for the following three reasons.


At the outset, many people believe that handling the estate liquidation themselves is the cheapest option. A typical estate liquidator charges around 35% of the sales proceeds. Obviously, you can avoid that fee if you handle the estate liquidation on your own. However, you need to consider what your time is worth. Depending on the size of the estate, you may be away from your job and family for several days at the minimum, and several weeks if you are dealing with a huge estate. Do you have vacation time you can take from work? If so, is it worth taking this time to work on an estate liquidation? If you don't have vacation days saved, can you afford to be off work without pay? What impact will this have on your family? Can they deal with your absence while you take care of this task? In most cases, the cost of hiring someone to liquidate the estate is the less expensive choice once these things are considered.


This is one of the major reasons that most consumers choose to hire an estate liquidator instead of handling the task themselves. In today's busy society, most people have so many family, social, and career commitments that they just can't spare the time away to liquidate an estate. An estate liquidator will handle everything, and you only need to be present to sign contracts and close up the estate after the sale.


If you aren't an expert in estate liquidation or sales of items, it can be easy to get in trouble when you liquidate an estate. You likely don't know how to price things, which can cause you to sell some things for way less than they are worth. You may also cost yourself sales and customers by pricing things too high. An estate liquidator is familiar with pricing and will get you the best price for all of the items in the estate.

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