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Specializing in Vandalism Restoration: How to Promote Your Business

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No business or residential property deserves to be vandalized, but criminals often target buildings without regard to what their victims will have to go through to fix damage that is caused. Buildings can suffer from graffiti, broken windows, and debris that needs to be wiped off (raw eggs, garbage, etc.) that residential and business owners don't want to have to deal with themselves. Owning a vandalism restoration company is a great way to serve your community. Here are ways you can promote this business in a positive way against a negative occurrence.

Appeal to the victim 

Promote your business by letting victims of vandalism know that what happened is not their fault, that it can happen to anyone, and that the damage can be repaired quickly. Vandalism can happen anywhere, on schools, billboards, residential properties, or specific businesses, and is actually on the rise in recent years rather than the decline. Market your business by providing stats of vandalism in your area and letting victims know how quickly you can put their properties back to their original condition. Explain to potential clients just how you can repair or replace windows, use air compressors to remove graffiti, or how you can quickly paint over offensive damage. This can give them peace of mind.

Promote prevention

While vandalism cannot be truly predicted or even entirely prevented, you can help your customers feel more confident by teaching them how to prevent future occurrences. Street lighting can help prevent people from burglarizing properties as well as security cameras facing parking lots, driveways, and backyards. You can even promote security companies in your area to clients you have served to create even more community support for your own company since businesses you promote will likely promote you in return.

Increase your services

Vandalism usually involves graffiti and broken windows and doors, but can also involve vomit, blood, fecal matter, garbage, and other nasty damage. Increase your services to remove human waste (talk to your city board to see what licenses you need for this) as well as furniture removal and replacement. You can work with a carpet or wall cleaning company for interior damage as well.

You want to promote your business in a positive way so customers don't feel like you are profiting off their unfortunate vandalism case. The more you can make your services beneficial to clients as well as the services of others, the more people you may be able to have turn to your company when they need you most.