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Four Essential Packing Supplies You Need For Your Kitchen

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Packing your kitchen can be a challenge. You have to carefully pack fragile dishes and glasses, cookware, countertop appliances, and pantry items, all of which may require different types of packing supplies. If you are planning a move, you'll want to get the right supplies in advance so you can carefully pack and organize all your kitchen items. Use this guide to help plan as you prepare to move.

Corrugated Dish Boxes

Corrugated dish boxes come with removable liners that keep your fragile items separate. These boxes are available in a range of styles, so you can find the right ones to pack your items. Some come with partitions designed to hold glassware, while others have larger slots to accommodate plates and bowls. Take an inventory of the fragile items you need to pack so you can determine how many boxes you'll need. Smaller dish boxes designed for glassware can also be used to pack away coffee mugs, glass food storage containers, and miscellaneous serving pieces.

Zipper-Closure Plastic Bags

Zipper-closure plastic bags can come in handy for a range of packing needs in your kitchen. Use them to organize spice bottles and jars before you pack them to prevent messes in your moving boxes, and use them to pack away small items, such as refrigerator magnets, pot holders, and small utensils. The bags keep your items organized in your boxes so you can quickly find the items you need.

Tissue Paper

Whether you use corrugated dish boxes or traditional moving boxes, you'll need tissue paper to protect your most delicate items. Line the bottom of your boxes with crumpled tissue paper to provide a layer of extra cushioning, and add another layer to the top of each box before sealing it shut. Wrap glasses and plates with tissue paper before packing them away in the boxes. You can also use tissue paper to protect the interior of your nonstick cookware during the moving process.

Stackable Plastic Storage Bins

When it comes time to pack up your pantry, you'll want to make sure your nonperishable food is stored safely and securely. Stackable plastic storage bins provide ample room for your pantry items, and they feature lids that can be shut and sealed to keep your foods protected from insects and animals during the moving process. Be sure to pack like items together to make unpacking and stocking your pantry shelves easier when you arrive at your new home. If you are renting the bins, they can be returned to your moving company. If you are purchasing the bins, keep them on hand for storing bulk goods whenever you take a trip to your local wholesale club.

Purchase your packing supplies in advance, and prepare to get your kitchen items safely to your new home. With just a bit of planning, you can keep all your items safe and secure. Click here to find more information.