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3 Tips For Avoiding Conflict In A Labor Strike

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When a labor dispute leads to a strike, the employer still has to find a way to meet the demands of its business. In many instances, the strike is a peaceful demonstration that begins and ends without incident. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. If your employees are on the cusp of a strike, here are some tips to potentially keep the peace until matters are resolved.  

Contract With a Strike Security Service

A strike presents special challenges. Emotions can ride high on both sides and lead to physical conflicts. To avoid this, consider contracting with a strike security service. Professionally trained security personnel who have experience in working in those tense situations know what it takes to keep the peace.  

The security service can also help with protecting workers that your company brings in to fill in for striking workers. Instead of your business screeching to a halt until the labor dispute is resolved, it can continue to operate without any impact on your business.  

Establish Boundaries

Although your workers have the right to strike, there are limitations to what they can do while protesting. For instance, the workers cannot block the access to the building and they do not have the right to intimidate others who are going to and from the business.  

Establishing boundaries can help reduce the likelihood that conflict will occur. You can set up barricades to help establish boundaries for the protesters. The strike security professionals can help with establishing the boundaries.  

Involve the Police

Even with the help of the strike security service, it might be necessary to involve the local police department. Law enforcement is not necessarily needed for protection but more so to arrest individuals who cause damage to your property. They can also provide reports so that you can file an insurance claim, if necessary. 

To help with the prosecution of any individual who damages any property, consider setting up surveillance cameras around the property. You cannot use the video footage for anything other than evidence if there is damage. If there is damage, do not attempt to intervene, but rely on the police and your security staff to handle the problem.  

Labor disputes are usually short-lived. By actively working to avoid escalating a tense situation, you can ensure that both sides come through the dispute without any physical harm. To learn of other ways you can ensure the safety of both parties involved, consult with the strike security agency such as Modern Staffing & Security.