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Worried About Screening Childcare Applicants? What to Know First

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If you want to start a daycare service but you are worried about staffing and getting the most reliable employees that are out there, there are some things you want to consider. You want to be sure that you have done your research properly, and that you can offer people the best professionals to watch their kids.  When you start to get the facility ready and you are eager to start hiring employees, take the following screenings into consideration and make them requirements to be hired.

Criminal Background Check

Any employee that wants to work for you should have no problem undergoing a criminal background check, so you can see if they have any charges that should concern you. Having outstanding tickets for speeding is one thing, but if you notice there are charges of assault or harassment, or other indications that they have behavioral issues, you won't want them around children. Look into their criminal history and be sure that they can be trusted around kids. Criminal records services online can help.

Drug Testing

If the person is on drugs of any kind, prescription or recreational, it may affect how they can care for the children. You'll want to have the employees give you a full list and description of any prescription medications that may show up on the screening, and they can tell you why they take this medication. If there are recreational and illegal drugs found on the screenings, then you don't want someone who participates in illegal activities working and trusted with children.

Basic Child Care Test                       

A test that asks the basics of child safety and how to react in emergency situations can let you know how well an applicant is prepared to deal with the things that may come up when you're dealing with children. This test could be included with all applications that are filled out.

You want to know who will be working for you, what type of problems they could bring you, and what you want to screen for. All of the people that apply to work for you and around children should already have their first aid certification, along with their CPR training, so they can deal with a medical emergency that can occur while they are on the job. Talk with a local service that does these types of screenings so you can learn more about them, and so you can decide which ones are right for your business.