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3 Design Tips To Keep In Mind When Creating A Custom Promotional Bag For Your Small Business

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If you run a local business, and you want to increase recognition of your business brand, a great way to do that is through promotional products, such as a custom promotional bag for your business.

#1 Choosing The Right Type of Bag

The first thing that you have to do is determine what type of bag you would like to use as your promotional product. The type of bag you use depends on the type of image and potential customers that you want to connect with.

For example, if you run a business that caters to active, healthy individuals, you may want to invest in a drawstring bag that potential consumers could use when they work out or are on the go. Or, if you are catering towards individuals who are trying to make sustainable choices, you may want to put your image on reusable shopping bags. If you are catering to busy families, you may want to put your image on a large oversized beach-style bag that they can use to transport items in.

The key is to use customizable bags that your potential customers would use on a regular basis. This will put your brand in front of them on a regular basis and ensure that others with similar mindsets are exposed to your brand when they see people out and about with your custom bag.

#2 Keep The Colors Simple

The second thing that you need to keep in mind is that is best to keep the colors simple. You don't need an elaborate screen print or vinyl creation for your bag. You just need a simple outline of your business name and logo. It is okay if it is mono-colored or if you only use a few simple colors. You want your business name and logo to pop and not get lost in a mass of colors.

#3 Make Your Business Name & Logo Stand Out

Finally, make sure that your business name and logo stand out. Make sure that they are placed somewhere on the bag where they can still be seen if the bag is full of stuff. Get a sample of your promotional bag and use it for a few days; make sure that you can really see your business name and logo when using the item; if you can't, work with your printer to adjust the location of your business name and logo.

Make sure that the type of promotional bag you use fits with your potential customer's needs, keep the colors simple and make sure your business name and logo are strategically placed on the bag where they can be easily seen.