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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning And Maintenance Guide To Improve Conditions And Reduce Hazards In Your Business

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The needs of a commercial kitchen are a lot different than a kitchen in a home. There is a lot of maintenance and cleaning that needs to be done. The cleaning will help to improve the conditions of the kitchen, as well as reduce problems like fire hazards in your business. The following commercial cleaning and maintenance guide for kitchens will help keep your business clean, healthy and safe:

1. Make Sure to Do Daily Inspections of You Commercial Kitchen and Identify Problems

It is important to do daily inspections of your kitchen to ensure everything is clean and that there are not any problems. Before workers start cooking in the kitchen, all the equipment and exhaust systems need to be checked to ensure they are working properly. If there is a problem with the buildup of grease on exhaust systems, then it is time to call for cleaning.

2. Keep Grease Traps and Cooking Equipment Clean and Free of Hazardous Grime and Grease

The commercial equipment in your business's kitchen has features to help reduce hazards with healthy and fire. These appliances include things like refrigerated storage, fryers and cooktop surfaces in the kitchen. It is important to keep these areas of your business clean to reduce hazards in your kitchen and ensure the work areas are safe.

3. Regularly Clean Kitchen Hood Exhaust Systems and Ducts to Ensure They Are Safe and Clean

You will also want to regularly clean the exhaust hood systems in your kitchen. There are probably removable filters that need to be cleaned routinely when other equipment is cleaned as part of daily work routines. It is also a good idea to have these systems occasionally cleaned by professional commercial hood cleaning services, which will remove the buildup of grease on the hood equipment and inside the ducts of the exhaust installation.

4. Routinely Clean or Change Air Filters in The Kitchen and Maintain Your Equipment to Ensure It Is Working Safely

It is also important to routinely replace the air filters in your kitchen to ensure they are working. You will want to clean the filters regularly, but they will eventually need to be replaced when they wear out and are not effectively filtering the grease and grime from the kitchen as they should.

These are some commercial cleaning and maintenance tips for the kitchen of your business to help keep it clean, healthy, and safe. If you need help with the maintenance of your kitchen and reducing hazards, contact a commercial kitchen hood cleaning service to help keep the conditions in your kitchens safe.