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5 Features To Examine On A Portable Construction Heater Before You Buy

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If you are working in a colder climate with your construction crew, having access to portable construction heaters can simplify a lot of processes and keep your crew more comfortable while they work. While there is no shortage of options when it comes to construction heaters, you do have to be careful to pick the most suitable model for your needs. Take a look at some of the most important features to examine prior to purchasing a portable construction heater. 

1. The Wheels for Portability 

If a construction heater is portable, it needs to be easy to maneuver into place. Therefore, you really do need to examine the wheels on the base of the unit. Some heaters will have small swivel wheels that will do fine on hard surfaces. However, you really need a more beefy wheel that can handle rougher terrain. For example, large rubber wheels with good grip can roll over everything from concrete to coarse gravel. 

2. The Exhaust System 

The exhaust system is so easy to overlook, but it is important to consider when you are looking for the best construction site heater. If you are looking at heaters powered by something like propane or diesel, these units must have a suitable exhaust system. Systems outfitted with a fan can help push that exhaust so it doesn't get concentrated to one area.

3. The Equipped Thermostat On the Heater 

The thermostat on your construction site heater is going to allow you to pick and choose the setting to keep you comfortable or to achieve a certain temperature. While it is standard to have a heater outfitted with a thermostat that just gives you something like "low" and "high" settings, it is better if you have a more precise way to control heat output levels. 

4. The Fuel Source and Fuel Consumption Rate 

Obviously, the fuel source a construction site heater requires is an important thing to consider. Electric heaters are available, but the majority of business owners prefer something that can be powered by another fuel source because electricity may not always be available. As you examine the type of fuel the heater uses, make sure you also check for fuel consumption rates.

5. The BTU Output Rating 

Even though construction site heaters are designed for outdoor use, they will still have a BTU output rating. This tells you approximately how much space the heater can warm. Naturally, a larger work area is going to need a higher BTU heater.