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Maintaining Your Property's Trash Chutes

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A trash chute is a common feature for many multi-family housing complexes. While these chutes can make it easy for residents to easily deposit their trash into the dumpster, these chutes can experience problems that may need to be professionally repaired in order to keep the chute working as intended.

Faulty Access Panels

Most chute systems will be designed with a large access panel that individuals can use to deposit their trash. If this panel suffers damage, it may not be able to open or close. While not opening can be an obviously serious problem, individuals can underestimate the issues that a panel that is unable to close can create for the trash chute. For example, an open panel could make it extremely easy for pests and animals to get inside the chute where they could become stuck or create other issues for those trying to use the trash chute.

Damaged Interior Lining

A trash chute will have an interior lining that is designed to prevent fluids and other substances from leaking out of the chute. Without this liner, units in the vicinity of the trash chute could regularly experience severe odor problems. Unfortunately, it is possible for the liner to suffer rips and tears that could allow fluids and odors to escape the chute. Depending on the size of the liner damage as well as its location, a professional trash chute repair service may be able to simply patch the damaged section of the liner. However, if this is not an option, you will need to have a new liner installed as soon as possible.


Eventually, something is likely to become stuck in the trash chute. Often, the impact of other trash entering the chute can be enough to dislodge the obstruction, but this will not always be the case. In fact, it can be possible for an obstruction to allow trash and other items to become backed up in the chute. These obstructions can be severe enough to cause a substantial buildup of trash in the chute that is unable to move. Ideally, you should have any obstructions cleared as quickly as possible so that you can minimize the amount of trash that may become stuck in the chute. Otherwise, it may be more difficult to repair as the contractor will need to remove all of the trash that has become trapped as a result of the obstruction. Ensuring that residents know to avoid putting very large items in the chute and to always bag the trash they are putting down can minimize the risk of this problem developing in the future.

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