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Why Your Industrial Or Manufacturing Plant Might Want To Switch To Solenoid Valves

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If you are the owner or operator of any kind of plant where serious production or manufacturing takes place, your machinery or equipment along the production line probably uses one or more valves to get your liquids, compressed air or other materials to where they need to go. Today, more and more companies like yours are choosing to work custom solenoid valves into their production or manufacturing line in order to streamline or add efficiency to their operation. Here's why you might want to reach out to a local provider about adding a custom solenoid valve to your process today.

Solenoid Valves Work Great With Remote Automation Control

Are you trying to speed up your production process by adding automation control to your equipment? You'll likely always need some manual labor, of course, but the more you can automate your entire production process, the higher volume of production you'll be able to put out. Solenoid valves can help with this because they can be controlled remotely via electromagnetic signals. The valves will either open or close after receiving an automated signal, and no employees will need to be standing nearby any longer to turn a valve on or off.

Solenoid Valves Are Inexpensive

When compared with some of the other valves you might be replacing or performing maintenance on at your facility, you will likely find that a solenoid valve is more inexpensive. Swap out some of your more expensive mechanical valves to use solenoid valves instead and it won't be the end of the world when something breaks or needs to be replaced. 

Solenoid Valves Can Be Made With Different Materials and Worked Into Any Production Line

The solenoid valve can be crafted from aluminum, copper, stainless steel, or a variety of other materials. You will know what will work best for your plant after taking a look at your production process. Regardless of material type, the solenoid valve is small enough that it can easily fit right into your existing production or manufacturing process without you having to make major adjustments to additional parts.

If your company is looking to add automation to its production process, switching to custom solenoid valves is a good starting point. These valves can be controlled remotely through electromagnetic pulses and can open or close on command. Switch your entire production line to include solenoid valves and you'll be adding long-term durability while also possibly reducing your long-term replacement costs.