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Reasons to Consider Joining the Country Club in Your Area

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If you have a country club in the area, there are many reasons to consider becoming a member. Most country clubs are far different than what is portrayed in the movies, and most are open to anyone in the community that has an interest and can pay for membership.

Member Benefits

Each country club membership will be different depending on the club, but in most cases, members have access to everything the club offers. Often country clubs have some of the nicest golf courses around, and if you like golf, you may be able to play as much as you want without additional costs beyond your yearly membership. Some clubs offer tennis as the focus, or maybe you are looking for a pool to use that is a well kept regulation Olympic sized pool. The amenities will be different from club to club, but because these clubs are funded privately, they often put a lot of time and money into them, so members can get the best experience possible when you visit the club. Check with the club in your area to see what benefits come with country club membership, and what the cost of becoming a member is. You might be surprised how affordable it is, especially if you use the amenities regularly. 

Events and Family Memberships

Often, the country club membership will include access for you and your family, allowing your kids and spouse to use the facilities as well. They may also have space for events that you can use, like a hall or room for parties, family gatherings, or other events. In some cases, the room will come with catering, or it may be offered at an additional cost to your membership, but if you are hosting a family event like a wedding reception, having it at a nice place like your local country club can make the event special. You may need to book the room far in advance if the space is popular, but if you can use the room at no cost because you are a member, it can be worth waiting for a date to open up. 

Networking and Business Use

Many professionals like business people join country clubs and may use the club restaurant or the golf course to take business associates or clients to visit. When you join a country club with many business professionals as members, you may be able to meet people and make contacts with people in the same business as you.

In some cases, these are people who you would not meet otherwise and who can be essential business contacts, especially if you are self-employed and trying to build a new business.