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Helpful Tips For Using Your Reusable Face Protection Shield

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To protect yourself and others during the pandemic, you might have decided to invest in a face protection shield. If you are like some people, you might have even been given a face protection shield by your employer. Now, you might be looking for a little bit of advice about how to wear and use your reusable face protection shield. These tips can help you wear your face shield properly and keep it in good shape.

Make Sure You Wear It Properly

First of all, be aware that you will get the best possible protection from wearing your reusable face shield in the proper manner. The forehead band should sit between one-half inch and one inch above your eyebrows, and the bottom of your shield should sit below your chin. The shield should always be in the "down" position.

Clean It Regularly

Of course, you will want to make sure that you keep your reusable face protection shield nice and clean. This is important for getting rid of germs and making your face shield last. Disinfection wipes, which you can purchase from your grocery store or mass-market retail store, make it quick and easy for you to clean your mask. You can also use an antibacterial spray to clean your mask.

If you notice that your face shield appears dirty, you should clean it right away. You should also clean it after each use and more often if you have been in contact with the general public.

Consider Wearing a Mask

Although your face protection shield can go a long way toward protecting you and others during the pandemic, you probably will not want to rely on your mask alone to protect you or others. Instead, consider wearing your face shield in conjunction with a face mask.

Store It Properly

Typically, it's smart to store your reusable face protection shield in a plastic bag when you aren't using it. If you store it in your car, consider placing it in your glove compartment or center console to prevent it from being damaged by the sun. Keeping it in your locker at work or in a safe place at home is a good idea too. Just make sure that you keep it in a place where you can easily find and grab it; then, you will be encouraged to wear it more often so that you can protect yourself and the others around you.