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3 Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Commercial Freezer

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Temperature control is critical to the safety of food products within a commercial kitchen. Large freezers must be purchased to house frozen ingredients until they are ready to be thawed and prepared.

If you are just starting your restaurant, it's smart to invest in a used commercial freezer to reduce the cost of your kitchen equipment. Here are three important factors that you must consider as you shop for a used commercial freezer to ensure you end up with an appliance that will meet your safety and convenience needs.

1. Condition

You should carefully assess the condition of any used freezer before you decide to add it to your commercial kitchen. Pay close attention to the condition of the rubber seals that run around the perimeter of each freezer door. These seals should be soft and supple. Quality door seals will also be free of cracks, chips, or tears.

A damaged door seal allows heat transfer to take place, which makes a commercial freezer less energy efficient. You will be able to keep your utility costs low and maintain a more stable storage environment for food items when you invest in a used commercial freezer that is in good condition.

2. Condenser Placement

All commercial freezers include a condenser unit that helps to transfer heat and keep the freezer's interior cold. These condenser units can be located on either the top or bottom of a freezer. A top-mounted condenser unit is not exposed to grease and other contaminants that might cause damage. Top-mounted condensers are also highly efficient.

If your freezer will be located in the heart of your commercial kitchen, a bottom-mounted condenser is a better option. A bottom-mounted condenser works most efficiently in a hot environment. You will be able to enjoy greater access to storage space within a freezer with a bottom-mounted condenser, but you must be vigilant in keeping a bottom-mount condenser clean.

3. Door Style

You will need to determine where you are going to install your commercial freezer before you begin looking for a used model to buy. The location of the freezer will have a direct impact on the door design your ideal freezer will embody. Freezers with sliding doors work best when your freezer will be located in a small room or near a busy walkway. Swinging doors are better able to accommodate large food items, but they could block traffic in a small space. 

If you have more questions, contact companies that sell used stainless steel three-door freezers.