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Home Inspections For Renovations

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When you remodel or renovate your home, you will want to ensure it is safe and up to code. A home inspection can make sure your renovation or remodel is on the right track or completed correctly. Local law may require inspections at certain intervals or when you upgrade particular components. In some cases, you may not need one. Keep reading to learn more about why and when you need a home renovation inspection.

Who Needs Home Renovation Inspections?

Not everyone needs an inspection. Minor renovations, for example, may be fine if you are not making major structural or electrical changes. However, you may be wise to get an inspection if any of these issues apply to you:

  • You haven't had a home inspection for a long time
  • Your home is very old
  • Your renovation or remodel is extensive
  • You need special permits
  • You did it yourself, or you used unlicensed labor

How Often Does the Renovation Need Inspecting?

Many large projects get an inspection at the end. However, you may also want to inspect your home before doing any work. Inspecting the home before the project begins is a good way to pinpoint and fix existing problems that could get in the way of your final report.

If you have a large renovation or remodeling project, you may want several inspections. For example, you should have your electrical wiring checked before covering it up with drywall and insulation. If you use a contractor, make sure you get an inspection schedule in your contract.

What Happens if the Renovation Fails Inspection?

Inspectors have a checklist of everything your home needs to meet codes and be safe. If any part of your renovation fails, you will receive a report that explains where you have problems. It is not unusual for a new renovation to have a few problems upon completion.

The good news is that you will still be able to live in your home unless you have major safety issues. However, you will need to have those problem issues corrected before you can get a clean report. If you did the work yourself, you need to re-do those problem areas. If you use a contractor, they may do the corrections for you.

Even if you think you don't need an inspection, you might want to get one anyway. An inspection could give you peace of mind, especially if you completed a large project. Your lender may require an inspection report, or you may need one to get a new mortgage. For more information, contact a home inspection company experienced with home renovations.