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Four Autumn HVAC Maintenance Tips To Prepare For The Cold

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If you have a central HVAC system, maintenance is important to ensure your system is working efficiently. There are things that need to be done to both the AC and heating components of your system. This can include winterizing your outdoor unit and cleaning the furnace to reduce wear. Here are some tips to help you do the fall maintenance to your HVAC system:    

1.  Prepare Your Air Conditioning For Winter Downtime

One of the first things you will want to do this fall is preparing the AC for the winter. This can include checking the system, cleaning the unit and covering it to keep debris out. When you clean the unit, you can cover it with a sheet of plywood, but if you use a cover, make sure that there is a gap to allow air to circulate through the unit to keep humidity out.

2. Evaluate Windows And Stop Cold Drafts In Their Tracks

The windows in your home can also have an effect on the efficiency of your heating during the winter. You will want to make sure that windows that get direct sunlight are sealed and have curtains that can easily be adjusted to allow heat in. You will also want to address any drafty windows where heat escapes and cold breezes get into your home.

3. Change The Air Filter And Inspect Ducts And Furnace

The air filter of your HVAC system needs to be changed before you start using your heating. When you do this, you may also want to inspect your furnace to see if it needs cleaning. You can also go around your home and check to make sure that all the vents are in the correct position to ensure that your system has good air circulation.

4. Have Your Furnace Services And Adjust The Thermostat

You will also want to have your furnace serviced and any repairs done. In addition, you can also adjust the thermostat to ensure that the heating is not constantly on. This is also a good way to reduce energy consumption, and it will have very little effect on the actual comfort of your home. Reducing the temperature setting will also help with wear and tear on your system.

These are some of the maintenance tasks that your HVAC system needs to have done in autumn. If you need help with some of these tasks, contact an HVAC furnace repair service to have them come and do the servicing to your system.