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Increasing the Appeal of Your Watersports Store: Things You Can Do

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Owning a watersports store is a great way to fill a niche in your community, especially if you live in a city or town where a body of water is close by. In addition to carrying an array of water skis, boats, clothing, and other recreational accessories related to water fun, you can add other functions to your business to increase its customer appeal. Here are things you can do to help make your business thrive, especially if you are not the only watersports retail store in the area.

Customization of watercraft

Boat and jet-ski painting is a great niche to include in your line of services. People often love to customize their watercraft by adding a name to their boat or using fun and colorful stripes or other designs to add unique flair. Outsource boat painting to a nearby auto-body shop or hire on a boat-painting artist who can do the work for your customers for a commission so you can boast this service as part of your regular business.


In addition to selling boats and other watercraft equipment and supplies, you can keep models on hand for customers to rent by the hour, day, or even week. Boats, jet skis, canoes, and more can be rented out so you can appeal to tourists and customers who don't want to invest in an all-out purchase. Make sure you also rent out life vests and other equipment so customers can get all the supplies they need from one location.


Offer lessons within your store on how to use various types of water toys, such as surf or paddle boards. You can include lessons as part of a package deal when renting out these items or can simply offer lessons a few times a year to the paying community. Lessons keep your business relevant to customers who already have the equipment and water accessories they need so you can increase the demographic you profit from.

If you have an employee who is also CPR certified, you can offer these lessons at your local health clinic or hospital. This increases community awareness for your business as one that cares about its people, and that can benefit your business's success greatly.

Owning a watersports store is a great way to allow people to have access to the recreational toys they love best. Consider adding a new niche like boat painting to your business to give your water-loving customers more of what they want.