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Why Is Water Testing Important For Well Users?

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Water testing is a good idea for many people, but it's especially important if you rely on wells for your main water source.

Ground Contamination

Ground contamination is a real issue when you have well water as your drinking water source. The ground could contain many contaminants, but untreated human or animal waste is one of the worst. That can introduce bacteria and viruses that make your family sick on a regular basis.

Another is chemical runoff from companies that have not managed their environmental contamination properly. When there is environmental waste, the possibility for contamination can linger on that site for many years to come, and rainwater can carry chemical toxins to other areas and allow it to seep into groundwater supplies.

Pipe Contamination

The pipes that lead water from your well to your home can also add their own substances. These are usually minerals. Heavy mineral amounts are not healthy for you to consume on a regular basis. The municipal water source is tested on a regular basis to make sure their standards are met for water quality, and that includes testing mineral levels. But when you have your own well, water testing falls on your shoulders. Water softening is often a solution for added minerals from both pipes and bedrock. 

Places to Get Testing

Thankfully, there are many sources of water testing to try. The first is a lab. You could collect your own water samples and send them to a lab yourself to learn what kinds of contaminants are in your water. Another person to consult would be a water treatment specialist. They help bridge the gap between knowing what's wrong with your water and finding a solution that you can afford to implement. And finally, some non-profit organizations to consulting to help families who are off the grid with their water supply testing.

What Is the Solution to Bad Quality Water?

There is no one solution to poor drinking water quality. Of course, one solution is to get hooked up to a municipal water supply. But that could be costly or impossible, depending on where you are. There are many types of water filter systems that can take bacteria, viruses, sediment, and minerals out of the water, depending on what you find in your water tests. But again, the first step is to get those water tests that will let you know what to look for in a water conditioning system.

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