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Everything You Need To Know About Speed Dating

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When you think of speed dating, you probably think of two people sitting in a bar, talking for several minutes, and then moving on to the next person. However, there's more to it than that. Speed dating can be a great way to meet new people and potentially find your perfect match. Here's what you need to know about speed dating before you give it a try.

What is speed dating?

Speed dating is a matchmaking process that encourages eligible singles to meet many new potential partners in a very short time. While it is a popular event for singles everywhere, it was created in 1998 by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo to help Jewish singles in the Los Angeles area meet and marry.

How does speed dating work?

Speed dating works by having a pool of eligible singles meet at an event. At the event's start, the organizers give each person a name tag and a number. Singles then have several minutes to talk to each person before being required to move on.

At the end of the event, the organizers will give each person the contact information of the people they mutually matched with for a potential date in the future.

What are the benefits of speed dating?

Rabbi Deyo envisioned speed dating as a way to make the process of dating more efficient by allowing singles to meet many eligible dates in a short amount of time. There are other benefits to speed dating, however, including:

  • Fun. Speed dating can be a fun and light-hearted way to meet new people.
  • Efficient. Speed dating is an efficient way to meet eligible singles because you are meeting people who are also looking for a potential partner.
  • Socialization. It forces you to talk to new people, which can help you expand your social network.
  • Safe. Speed dating is a group event so you can attend with friends and know you are safe.

Is speed dating successful?

There is no guarantee that you will find a match at a speed dating event. However, because everyone is looking for a partner, you are more likely to find a match than if you go out to a bar or club on your own.

Is speed dating better than online dating?

It is difficult to say which is better because it depends on what you are looking for in a partner. Speed dating may be the better option if you are looking for a more efficient way to find a partner. If you are looking for more control over who you meet and want to have an opportunity to get to know someone before you meet them, however, online dating may be the better option. Of course, speed dating is arguably more fun.

If you're curious about speed dating and want to try it, be sure to check out the upcoming events near you.